The Art Studio: Latcham Gallery 2010 Juried Exhibition Part 1

This is one of many youtube videos that broadcast Valerie Ashton's Radio Program "The Art Studio". In this particular episode it goes over the jurors selection process. They had a hard decision narrowing down 191 peices of submitted art, for the 2010 Juried Show at the Latcham Gallery in Stouffville. This is a must see video for all artists who wonder how the juring process is done. There are many more videos to be seen from Valerie's Program and I recommend seeing them please click here. This years show Juried Show at the Latcham Gallery is excellent (not that others were not) and hopefully you'll all find the time to go and see it in person.

-Steve Noorhoff

P.S. This was my first Blog, how did I do?