Diana Bullock

Twelve of  Diana Bullock's paintings are on display at the Cornerhouse Restaurant in downtown Stouffville until January 3rd 2012. 
Diana also has a painting in DEBUT...details here

Diana says 
 "I love to paint, I love to paint quickly, and to play with paint and I enjoy different media and the possibilities that each offers. Each of the media that I use have different methods and results however they all cross over and influence each other. 

Recently I have been experimenting, with good results,  abstract paintings in Sumi-e [Japanese ink paintings].  Sumi-e tends to be very traditional so this is a wonderful adventure. This is a direct result of my new work in mixed media. 

I believe in enjoying the process of painting and the product is just a bonus."

To see more of Diana's work visit www.alternativesinart.ca or follow her on Blogger or Twitter