Marie Messina

Marie had a serious issue to deal with before the Studio Tour last fall ..... her studio space was gone! Here is her story.

This summer I had a sewage backup in my basement.  My studio was down there.  All my shelves, clay boxes, table, and everything else we had down there was totally gone.  
We have a partially finished basement with carpet, drywall build in cabinets and an adjoining bathroom.  It all had to come apart. Drywall had to be replaced 3' up the wall, all carpet and sub floor out.  Beautiful bathroom cabinet gone.  Anything that was wood or any material that can absorb had to be disposed.  
The whole area had to be disinfected and then we waited for this trade and that one to come and fix and paint and install everything back again.  It took 3 months, finally all done and looking good and I was able to start producing some pots for the tour.  What an ordeal!!!!! 

Notice the snake by Marie's grandson

The finished product


So now I have a new and improved studio.