A blog about blogs

Several of our Tour artists are now blogging..... for some they have been doing this for awhile and others are just beginning to chart their artistic journey. Blogs are an excellent way to follow the progress of an artist. Take a look. 

Valerie Ashton          http://valerieashton.blogspot.com/
Allison Bullock         http://allisoncreativelicense.tumblr.com/ 
Diana Bullock           http://dbullockalternativesinart.blogspot.com/
Jennie Creeggan        http://www.creegganclay.blogspot.com/
Jan Dolby                  http://jandolby.blogspot.com/  
Wendy LaValle          http://WaxyandWords.blogspot.com 
Marie Messina           http://marie4theloveofclay.blogspot.ca/
Ray McNeice             http://www.raymcneice.blogspot.com/ 
Steve Noorhoff          http://stevenoorhoff.blogspot.com/ 
Colin Whitebread      http://www.colinwhitebread.blogspot.com/

There are also several who Tweet 

Allison & Diana Bullock  https://twitter.com@alternativesart 
David Clubine                   https://twitter.com@dlclubine 
Jennie Creeggan                https://twitter.com@CreegganClay
Jan Dolby                          https://twitter.com@jandolby 
Marie Messina                   https://twitter.com@MarieMessina1
Steve Noorhoff                  https://twitter.com@sn_artist
Robin Rees                        https://twitter.com@WireandBead

and of course the official tour tweets

Studio Tour                        https://twitter.com@Studio_Tour

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