Rita Staniforth

Artists find their inspiration from many different things in life. Studio Tour artist Rita Staniforth has found inspiration for future pottery creations...

Rita says: "I've just got back from a trip to the UK and, always looking for inspiration, I came upon an article about a group called "Little Hen Rescue".   They take care of battery hens that are no longer productive, many of which are featherless for various reasons.    While at the shelter, they need to be kept warm so there are lots of knitters across the country making little hen sweaters (or jumpers, as they are called in the UK)!   Once the birds` feathers grow back, they are put up for adoption as pets.   Great idea for a piece of pottery!   So next year, there will be a few of these `little hens in jumpers` on sale.   If I sell any, I`ll donate the funds."  

Make sure to see Rita's work at Studio #4