Carin Bacher

Carin Bacher creates totems. She shares the process on how she creates these beautiful works of art that tell a story.

Thank you Carin for your insight into the process

Listen to the wood.....what role with the unique features of this particular piece of wood play in the finished work “The Enchanted Forest” ?

The answers will become more clear as the work progresses.

1] Soon the inhabitants of the pole will begin to take up residence, evolving over time from design to carved form.

Q: Does the totem direct the artist or does the artist direct the totem?

Answers below

2] Who are these inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest? What is their importance?

3] Rough carving begins on The Enchanted Forest, the totem’s inhabitants begin their new life as shape and form are loosely defined. The tools used in rough carving must be extremely sharp to ensure deep, accurate cuts removing large chunks of wood without compromising the integrity of the wood.

Q: What tools are most effective for this stage of carving?

Answers to questions

1] It is a collaboration

2] Green Man: Peering from the foliage, Green Man reminds us that not all of life’s solutions are logical or obvious.
Eclipse: Comprised of Sun, Guardian of the Earth by Day and Moon, Guardian of the Earth by Night.

3]Hatchet and mallet moving to chisel and mallet.

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