Lis Simpson

Here’s some of the completed projects of Lis Simpson. Her earlier blog post is here

The first projects were done on chemical powders to provide textures underneath the glass.  This one is called “Autumn Joy”!

Then we did some interesting pieces using molds to create either a plaster model or one of glass frit.

 We took a real strawberry and created a mold by forming sculptural plaster around it.  After firing with glass frit in the kiln, we ended up with a real glass strawberry!

Lastly we did the process I really wanted to learn – lost wax casting.  Here are the 3 models we worked from.  The first was the white Sculpey model from which we made a urethane mold.  We poured sculptural wax into the mold to create a wax model.  Then we created a plaster mold, like with the strawberry and steamed out the wax.  Lastly filling the mold with glass frit my green glass frog emerged from the kiln firing!

Come see some of these art objects at the Stouffville Studio Tour. 

LIs is a guest with Deb Kirk in Studio #4 on this years tour.