Monica Gennaro

Introducing another of our new Tour members..........
Monica Gennaro. Monica is a goldsmith working in gold and silver. 
She shares with us this story of a few days ago. 

Today it was wire pulling and twisting day. I had to reduce the wire from 2.00 mm to 1.5 and 1.00 mm thickness. I do it with a draw plate and draw thongs. 

This morning I did not pay attention for a second, and by grabbing the end of wire to short, it rock and I fell back on the floor. 

Considering that it was thick wire, I had to pull with lots of strength, wire had broken and with full force smacked myself to the floor. It did hurt a lot.

A picture of the draw plate and the draw thong

Monica is Studio 5 on this years Tour. Also this location has the pottery of Marie Szente-Bodon. 
A must see on this years Tour!