Tour artists supporting the arts

"The Arts" always seem to be struggling for funding, recognition and support.

The Stouffville Studio Tour artists not only produce wonderful work but many of them are strong advocates for the arts. They "live" the artistic life and support arts in many different ways.

Did you know

  • one of members is Chair of the Board of Directors of Stouffville's local public gallery, The Latcham Gallery 
  • another one is also on the same Board
  • one member worked for two summers during university at the gallery 
  • one member and her husband financially supported an exhibition at the gallery 
  • many members volunteer for various events at the gallery 
  • many members donate their work to fundraising efforts at the gallery 
  • one of our members is a docent at the Ontario Art Gallery 
  • many members are on governing boards of various art organizations 
  • many of our member share their expertise through teaching at various locations and organizations 
  • several members pursue interests in other disciplines including dance and music 
This is only a very small fraction of the diversity of our members.
Engage in a conversation with our members during the tour. We are happy to speak with you about the arts.