Vladimir Lopatin

Vladimir Lopatin 

Vladimir was born in Leningrad, Russia.
He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Academy of Arts and Design in Kharkov Ukraine. 

In 1997 he moved to Canada and now is living in Stouffville, Ontario.

His passion, lifelong interest and love of art began in childhood. While he works in several different mediums he feels oil paint and wood sculptures are best suited for his artistic expression. He paints and sculpts the world he lives in. Nature gives Vladimir an endless supply of forms and patterns. His inspiration comes from the shadowing, curvature, shape, colour, and texture of the wood itself. Creations are stylized fantasy rather than realism. 

Vladimir's work can be found in private collections in Australia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Yugoslavia and Canada.

He is a member of the Richmond Hill Group of Artists and in 2013 he became a signature member of Worldwide Nature Artists Group WNAG.

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Vladimir is Studio #20 on the 2015 Stouffville Studio Tour 
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