Lis Simpson

Our longtime Studio Tour member Lis Simpson shares what is keeping her occupied this summer 

Metal Etching Class
During the summer I like to explore other media other than my glass work.  So last week I took a class in Metal Etching.  It was fun, and I learned a lot by making mistakes – “what not to do” stays in my head longer!  LOL!

We used ferric chloride as the etchant and Sharpie markers, stickers and tape for the resist.  Here’s my copper piece, after design created and after etching and clean-up.

I also did a piece on thin brass (have you heard of Shim in a Can?).  I used a rubber stamp for the seahorse and tape for the rocks.

I might not do this again, because I have worked in the metal clays – both copper, brass and silver.  They are so much easier to work with and get good texture happening.

Some of my small completed pieces 

Summertime is great for exploring and doing activities “out of the box”!

Thank you Lis for sharing!

Make sure to visit Lis at Studio #13  on this years tour. 
She is a guest artist at Sandra Cole Burke's location.