On the airwaves

We have a local radio station located in downtown Stouffville Whistle Radio and this year we have been fortunate to have four different interviews about our tour. 

September 27th, Carin Bacher and Lis Simpson join morning show hosts Patty and Ed to discuss the tour and their glass and jewellery making. On October 3rd, Colin Whitebread joined them to discuss art and the beautiful bold colours of his work. Finally, Diana Bullock and Ray McNeice joined Patty to discuss the origins of the tour, how it has evolved and what to expect as a visitor during the tour weekend. Be sure to visit our Facebook page for pictures of all of the artists in the radio studio! 

We were also fortunate to have an interview with Catherine Sword and our own Sandra Cole Burke.

If you would like to listen please click on these links: 



A sincere THANK YOU to Whistle Radio, and hosts Patty, Ed, and Catherine for their support!