Glass artist Lis Simpson shares an incredible workshop and the source for her latest artistic inspiration...

 "As an introduction to an advanced glass technique workshop at Glasstronomy, we went to the ROM to see the Chihuly exhibit – seeing these works up close took my breath away (ask me about the video I took!).  I bought 3 new books and DVDs, but the t-shirts were boring!

The next three days of the workshop was learning some new techniques including aperture pours:

   ....which we then cut up into triangles and fused again.

And vitragraph stringer:

In keeping with Chihuly’s curving shapes, I cut my glass on a saw for that purpose, and started “playing” with the ideas.

After several firings for full fusing, tacking on other pieces, and slumping, my final piece is this:

"Starfish and Friends"

"Starfish and Friends"

I began 3 pieces altogether in the workshop, finishing them at home.  Come see me at the studio tour to see the awesome results.  By the way, I had to make my own t-shirt, LOL! 

Make sure to visit Lis at Location #12 on the 2016 Studio Tour; Lis is a guest at Sandra Cole Burke's studio.