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Twenty three talented artists at fourteen studio locations.

A wide variety of media; jewellery, paintings, sculptures plus many more 

Meet the artists and visit the homes/studios where the magic happens. 

Enjoy the fall leaves, colourful scenery and beautiful artwork

A great way to spend time on a fall weekend visiting our studio locations in the lovey Town of Whitchurch Stouffville.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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A family affair!

Over the years several of our artists were from the same family 

This year at Studio 11 is artist Diana Bullock with her mother Grace MacPherson and her daughter Allison Bullock ...... three generations, one location. 

Diana Bullock (C) 2017

Diana Bullock (C) 2017

Grace MacPherson (C) 2017

Grace MacPherson (C) 2017

Allison Bullock (C) 2017

Allison Bullock (C) 2017

And at Studio 12 is husband and wife team Margaret Grandison and Ray McNeice 

Margaret Grandison (C) 2017

Margaret Grandison (C) 2017

Ray McNeice (C) 2017

Ray McNeice (C) 2017

Also with Margaret and Ray is guest artist Dianne Green 

Make sure you stop by both of these locations 

Inside the artist's studio .... Lis Simpson

Lis has some wonderful insights and her studio space to share with us

When an artist works with a torch flame of 2000°F and a kiln that goes to 1480°F to melt glass, she needs a special, safe place.  My studio is a construction trailer next to my home, and working with glass in all its forms and temperatures takes great care.  But I love it!!

Sixteen years ago I was inspired by an art jewelry magazine to begin creating torch-worked art glass beads and pendants.  So glass rods from Murano, Italy, and tools and torch from Scarborough were purchased and gathered.

glass rods & mandrels eml.jpg
mystudio eml.jpg
torch & masher eml.jpg

I’ve played with many other elements compatible with the glass to create many unique pendants through the years, learning a number of techniques along the way.  Molten glass is fascinating but sometimes has a mind of its own!  It is glowing orange when I put it into the annealing kiln so I don’t know totally what it will look like until it cools down the next morning!  Wow!  ‘Love that one!

Five years ago fused glass techniques began to call me.  This starts as sheet glass, and after creating a piece it is fired in a special kiln.  Besides its own unique tools, I needed and added other equipment, including a grinder and a glass saw - cutting is done with diamonds!

glass sheet email.jpg
cutting glass eml.jpg
Cutting the beard eml.jpg
grinding edges of glass eml.jpg


Of course, my creative imagination needs many other glass elements to be added to the design:  frit, powder, shards, stringer, powder, enamels, lustres, and dichroic glass.  I’ve learned a number of techniques to make my own components as well: vitrograph stringers, glass rods curved on the torch, screen melts, and more.  I often have to wear a respirator and gloves when handling the finer glass particles.

frit etc under desk eml.jpg
Bits and pieces eml.jpg
adding frit eml.jpg


Look at these latest projects for the tour:

frit+ design eml.jpg
Serenity eml.jpg

I began using commercial molds to make dishes and paperweights.  However, I’ve been creating my own molds to make objets d’art that are totally distinctive.  These take many, many bits of glass to fill.

molds eml.jpg
blanket placed over model email.jpg


Molten glass will stick to other materials; different barriers or releases need to be used so that the piece comes off the kiln shelf or out of the mold.  Sometimes there is coldworking with diamonds after to create a smooth edge.

fibre paper & chemicals eml.jpg


Through the years I have had students join me in my studio for lessons in beadmaking, pure silver Art Clay jewelry, wirework jewelry, and other glass techniques.  It’s always a joy to share these amazing media!

Student torch firing eml.jpg


If you are curious about how glass art is created or would like to see my studio (and all the art glass I’ve collected!) get in touch.  I’d love to share my space with you.

ornaments & other glass art eml.jpg

Trisha Webster's "Lizzie"

From Trisha

One of my customers had a sculptures made to help her close friend deal with the passing of her mom. My customers name is Barb, but she wanted to keep her friends name anonymous). 

This is Barb's story


One of my very close friends moved her mom into a nursing home,
her home was sold and most of the furniture and belongings came
home to her house.  She spent the weeks before her mom died at her bedside and took her death very hard.  Even though a couple of years have passed, she still grieves for her mom. She has found it very difficult to part with any of her mother's "things".  
That came to a head this summer when she downsized and needed to get the house ready for staging. Her children and their families came home for a vacation and to help. Their frank comments about "it's junk, get rid of it" and "no one would want that" weren't helpful.  A lot of her mom's belongings ended up in the garage in green garbage bags alongside furniture slated for the curb or donation,  This was very, very difficult.  
When I thought about her mother's  doilies and the tablecloths, I wondered if they could be turned into some type of keepsake.  That idea morphed into asking Trish Webster a local sculptor to create a sculpture using one of the pieces as a gift for my friend.  Trish readily agreed and created beautiful Lizzie using, not one piece, but something from every piece I brought - all of her mother's treasured things.  Trish suggested asking my friend if she would like to paint the figure which she agreed to do. There were some tears, some of sadness, but more, I think of joy in having something that gives her connection with her mother.  It was cathartic.
The piece was named after her mom Elizabeth - Lizzie.  
Lizzie (C) Trisha Webster 2017

Lizzie (C) Trisha Webster 2017

The leaf project at Latcham Gallery

As part of Canada’s 150 celebration The Latcham Gallery invites you to join their art activity every Saturday. On the days of the tour ‘the leaf project’ location #14 will be on view.

The Gallery is our local public gallery and a longtime sponsor of the Stouffville Studio Tour.

Some of our artists have created a few of the ‘leaf’s 

Diana Bullock (C) 

Diana Bullock (C) 

Sandra Cole Burke (C) 

Sandra Cole Burke (C) 

Sandra Cole Burke (C) 

Sandra Cole Burke (C) 

Sandra Cole Burke (C) 

Sandra Cole Burke (C) 

Grace MacPherson (C) 

Grace MacPherson (C) 


On September 30th Diana Bullock and October 3rd Margaret Grandson and Ray McNeice, artists on the tour, will be demonstrating their painting styles. After that you can create your own ‘leaf’

It's a free event .... hope you can join the fun