Arts Exposed

Carin Bacher at Arts Exposed

Studio Tour artist Carin Bacher will have her totem, “The Five Fishermen” (below) on display at the Arts Exposed Conference, November 2 and 3, at Seneca College in Markham!

Carin explains her totem: 
"Sun, guardian of the earth by day, eclipsing Moon, guardian of the earth by night, watch over totem`s inhabitants, their perpetual transformations represented by Tree Frog and Butterfly. Ever evolving as they travel through earth, sea and sky the totem dwellers` individual strengths combine to create a unified whole: Raccoon the generous protector, Lizard dreams, nomadic Snail, playful Otter, Seahorse`s hidden power, Heron`s self reflection, the life force of Salmon.

Ultimately guided by totem`s inhabitants, creation of this pole was a journey of self-discovery in excess of 300 hours"

If you'd like to see more of Carin's work, her One Horse Farm Studio is 'open by chance or appointment'

For more information about the Arts Exposed conference, visit their website