Care and Share

John Roberts

John Roberts is a very accomplished artist. He works in many different media and in many different styles. He loves to create and he is often seen waling around town with his briefcase of sketchbooks. 

John really loves to draw people and to combine his love of drawing with donating to a worthy cause he has developed a plan. The last Friday and or Saturday afternoon of any month will find John in the Care and Share quilt room with a table set up. For a nominal charge, that he donates to the Mennonite Central Committee, John will create a beautiful portrait for you. You can either sit for John or he will work from a picture. 

Even if you are not interested in having a portrait it is fun to see John's work. 

The Care and Share is part of the Latcham Gallery building 6240 Main Street Stouffville. And make sure to visit John on the 2013 Studio Tour!