Distillery District

The Sketchbook Project

Studio Tour artist Allison Bullock recently completed the Art House Co-op's Sketchbook Project. With a by-line like 'Creative Interactive Crowd-Sourced Art Projects Since 2006'  the Sketchbook Project sounds interesting, doesn't it? Here's Allison to explain: 
I'm not certain when I first became aware of The Sketchbook Project; probably about a year ago, but it wasn't until October 2012 that I decided to sign up.

My sketchbook arrives!
The idea behind this initiative is that there isn’t enough gallery space to allow all artists who would like to show their work the opportunity to do so. Sketchbooks are smaller, more easily stored than large paintings, and much easier to transport. Genius!

As a participant in The Sketchbook Project, I paid $25 to have a sketchbook sent to me and my job was to fill the 32 pages with my art, then send it back to New York to become part of a travelling library of art.

The beginning of a Star Wars collage!
After two weeks of not-very-patient waiting, my sketchbook arrived and I set about filling it. My first task was to decide what medium to use; I usually paint in acrylic or encaustic (wax) neither of which would lend to the nature of a sketchbook. In the 'rules and regulations' sent by the Art House Co-Op, a durable medium that would not cause the pages to stick was recommended.

I decided instead to flex my underused collage muscles. Collage can be beautiful, but like anything in art, it is an acquired skill to know when to stop! Finding balance is difficult and I have often admired those who are able to do so, well. I also decided to use the more traditional graphite pencil as well as pencil crayon, and some really fun art markers that I hadn't had the occasion to use yet.

 As I set about creating art, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly everything came together and as an added bonus, I was pretty happy with the result (artists are notoriously hard on themselves about their own work.)
Have you heard about the bird?

The 2013 Sketchbook Project books will actually make a stop in Toronto in the Distillery District. I think I'm most excited to see my sketchbook in this travelling! And the best part is that when the exhibition finishes, my sketchbook will become part of the Brooklyn Art Library in New York.