Ed Keith

Back to school

It is official .... Back to school today 

We have several artists who are educators either current or retired. We also have several members who share their artistic passions with others 

Ed Keith has just retired from teaching at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre

Here is an article courtesy of the Bluff Monitor 

Over the next few weeks we will share the other members who teach and share their art. 

Ed Keith

Ed is one of our potters He has been a favourite on the Tour for many years. 
Recently he did some firing in downtown Toronto and at his home in Ballantrae. 
More information about Raku pottery from Wikipedia is here 

Here are some recent photos of recent Raku events. 
Some from the verandah of the Gardiner Museum and the others of some of my students from Cedar Ridge doing their firing in sunny Ballantrae.

Thank you Ed for sharing these pictures with us. 

Ed is Studio #7 on this years Tour.