Glass mask making

Lis Simpson's new work

Glass Mask Making – 3 kiln Firings
When you are combining glass components, such as in a mask, you have to take care that the glasses are compatible.  Otherwise they crack or explode when heated or cooled in the firing process!  The base of this mask is two layers of green and clear glass.  The eyes are layers of several other colours.  This got a full fuse firing in the kiln.

For accents I used glass rods, which I worked into different shapes on the torch.  I also created “strings” of glass for the hair.  Bits of rods were cut for the “teeth”.

After the base had cooled from the kiln, I arranged the rods to become eyebrows, nose and mouth.  I put in “teeth” bits between the lips.  Look he’s sticking out his tongue!  This design tack fused all the bits; tack fusing doesn’t melt the pieces totally down flat.

Finally the mask was slumped in the kiln to create the rounded shape.