Joan Chalmers

Artists Participating in Art

As much as artists love to create their own work, they also appreciate the work of others; artists visit galleries, learn in workshops led by other artists and can also participate in art created by others.

The latter is just what happened over the summer in the town of Stouffville.

Artists Linda Duvall and Timeanddesire (Denise St. Marie and Timothy Walker) asked members of the Stouffville community to share their feelings about the town in which they lived. Linda Duvall met with 12 local artists, including 8 Studio Tour artists whom she asked to take her to a location of interest or importance to them within Stouffville.  Videotaping their locations, Linda interviewed each, asking about the location itself as well as what each artist worried about living in Stouffville.

The result was a  lot of video tape that Linda edited into a 35 minute segment, and commemorative pillows with an image of each location that she visited. Why pillows? Linda had taken a trip to the local Care and Share Shoppe and been inspired by the commemorative objects for sale in that store.

On Thursday, Studio Tour artists were on hand for the opening of 'Artists and Agents' at The Latcham Gallery. Here, they stand next to their pillows:

(L to R) Allison Bullock, Ray McNeice, Joan Chalmers and Valerie Ashton

(L to R) Valerie Ashton, John Walmsley, and Margaret Grandison
Sandra Cole Burke and Diana Bullock not pictured
On September 28th The Latcham Gallery will host a panel discussion about this show as part of Culture Days in Ontario. Many of the participating artists will be in attendance as well as Linda Duvall and Timeanddesire.

Sanrdra Cole Burke

Sandra Cole Burke has joined Studio Tour artists Joan Chalmers, Margaret Grandison, Ray McNeice and John Walmsley  at new the Gallery at Imperial Centre in Stouffville.   
Your invited
Please join us at one of two opportunities to preview the exhibition and meet with the artists.
 Saturday, March 23rd from 11 – 2
 Wednesday, March 27th from 5 – 7
Sandra Cole Burke

Sandra Cole Burke

Or drop in weekdays from 10 – 5, weekends by chance or appointment.

Another Exhibition

You are all invited to a new gallery venue and a new exhibition of art in Stouffville. No less than 5 of our talented Studio Tour members are included! 
The exhibition starts on January 11th at The Gallery at Imperial Centre, 37 Sandiford Drive, Stouffville. 
Please spread the word and get this exciting new venue off to a great start!

Paintings by Joan Chalmers and John Walmsley, pottery by  Marie Messina, and Rita Staniforth and Siek Wassenaar woodworking are on display

News from Joan Chalmers

Joan is sharing some news with us today:

"My painting titled "HOME ICE" has been chosen for the 2013 Creative Expressions  calendar for the Parkinson's Society of Central and Northern Ontario. It is the scene of a neighbouring farm. It is a remembrance of my son and his friends playing hockey on their pond wearing their various hockey gear."

Make sure to visit Joan at Studio #13 where you will also see the work of her husband, John Walmsley