Ann Rosa

Our new member Ann Rosa shares her work with us.  

During a recent trip to the Yukon, Ann had the feeling the unspoiled wilderness was home to magical mermaids. This is the beginning of a mermaid wall sculpture. When completed it will measure 40" x 20" which  is why Ann is working in stages. It may even be complete by the tour!

This Aboriginal Chief is an example of many of Ann's works; it was created and sculpted in stages and took the better part of a year to complete. Inspiration for her art comes from dreams, therefore she feels the need to literally build from the dream and make it into a tangible form.  

Ann's creation of wall sculptures derived from a desire to create sculpture that can be displayed easily. Ann also paint in acrylic, watercolour and encaustic; each mediums yields a very different result.  

Ann has recently opened a gallery, PondeRosa Art Gallery, in her home that is available for viewing by appointment. Website is www.ponderosagallery.com and to set-up an appointment please call 416-788-9332.

"I'm really excited to participate in this years Stouffville Studio Tour and am looking forward to meeting all the guests who come to see my art work and studio."

Ann is Studio 3 on this year's tour.