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Ginko Leaf

Ginko Leaf

Lis Simpson teaches classes in glass on the torch or in the kiln.  She also teaches related jewellery creating classes.

She represented all of Canada for five years on the Board of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and attended many conferences in the states learning techniques from others.  There were no schools offering classes when she began 15 years ago; so she had a few lessons from one of the few GTA beadmakers at the time.  Since then there has been much learning through the years on her torch about the nature of molten glass.  As well, she became a certified instructor for the innovative fine silver medium of Art Clay Silver, and took the wirework course from George Brown College. She now teaches these jewelry techniques in her studio near Uxbridge.  Several years ago she branched out into kiln-fired, fused glass, making paperweights, dishes, and other art glass forms.  More recently she has been creating her own unique molds for the glass fusing process.  She can be reached at for more information

torch fired bead and glass

torch fired bead and glass

Lis Simpson

Our longtime Studio Tour member Lis Simpson shares what is keeping her occupied this summer 

Metal Etching Class
During the summer I like to explore other media other than my glass work.  So last week I took a class in Metal Etching.  It was fun, and I learned a lot by making mistakes – “what not to do” stays in my head longer!  LOL!

We used ferric chloride as the etchant and Sharpie markers, stickers and tape for the resist.  Here’s my copper piece, after design created and after etching and clean-up.

I also did a piece on thin brass (have you heard of Shim in a Can?).  I used a rubber stamp for the seahorse and tape for the rocks.

I might not do this again, because I have worked in the metal clays – both copper, brass and silver.  They are so much easier to work with and get good texture happening.

Some of my small completed pieces 

Summertime is great for exploring and doing activities “out of the box”!

Thank you Lis for sharing!

Make sure to visit Lis at Studio #13  on this years tour. 
She is a guest artist at Sandra Cole Burke's location.

Lis Simpson ..... Busy lady!

Lis Simpson is a very busy lady! She participates in several studio tours and sales, her work is very popular and she must constantly replenish her supply of original jewellery and glass work

Out of disaster come new creations.  Lis’ thoughts on recent kiln projects:

"These “lacy light” tea lights look great!  I’ll make some more."

After slumping a newly made red tea light over a mold in the kiln:

“Oh, no!  This tea light has turned into a disaster!  The “tendrils” are sticking to the mold and bending inward.  I’ll fire it differently again in the kiln.  There’s room for this small pyramid, too.”

After this firing the red “tendrils” of the tea light ran onto the pyramid.  Another disaster!  She cut the two objects apart.  Look at these unusual creations – something totally new and fresh!

Make sure to stop by and see Lis Simpson at Studio # 13; Sandra Cole Burke is her host artist.