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Trisha Webster's "Lizzie"

From Trisha

One of my customers had a sculptures made to help her close friend deal with the passing of her mom. My customers name is Barb, but she wanted to keep her friends name anonymous). 

This is Barb's story


One of my very close friends moved her mom into a nursing home,
her home was sold and most of the furniture and belongings came
home to her house.  She spent the weeks before her mom died at her bedside and took her death very hard.  Even though a couple of years have passed, she still grieves for her mom. She has found it very difficult to part with any of her mother's "things".  
That came to a head this summer when she downsized and needed to get the house ready for staging. Her children and their families came home for a vacation and to help. Their frank comments about "it's junk, get rid of it" and "no one would want that" weren't helpful.  A lot of her mom's belongings ended up in the garage in green garbage bags alongside furniture slated for the curb or donation,  This was very, very difficult.  
When I thought about her mother's  doilies and the tablecloths, I wondered if they could be turned into some type of keepsake.  That idea morphed into asking Trish Webster a local sculptor to create a sculpture using one of the pieces as a gift for my friend.  Trish readily agreed and created beautiful Lizzie using, not one piece, but something from every piece I brought - all of her mother's treasured things.  Trish suggested asking my friend if she would like to paint the figure which she agreed to do. There were some tears, some of sadness, but more, I think of joy in having something that gives her connection with her mother.  It was cathartic.
The piece was named after her mom Elizabeth - Lizzie.  
Lizzie (C) Trisha Webster 2017

Lizzie (C) Trisha Webster 2017

Introducing Gordon Reidt (New Artist 2016)

Gordon began stone sculpture in 2005 after many years enjoying photography as his primary means of artistic expression. Now, working with all types of stone including soapstone, alabaster, serpentine, limestone, marble, jade and granite, Gordon's subject matter reflects a love of nature that began in childhood. Gordon's stone work portrays stylized birds, mammals, turtles and fish but recently, he has also experimented with more abstract subject matter. 

Gordon grinding jade in his studio

Gordon grinding jade in his studio

Teaching sculpture from his studio, Gordon has led workshops for the Scarborough Gem Club and the Whitevale School for the Arts. 

Gordon participates in local shows and studio tours annually including the Durham West Arts Centre Studio Tour, the Lake Scugog Studio Tour, the Purple Turtle Arts Festival and the Uxbridge Studio Tour. In the past Gordon was also part of the Victoria County Studio Tour. Gordon also chooses to support local charities and fundraisers with donations of his art. 

Gordon has participated in Culture Days; here he is in front of the McKay Gallery in Unionville. 

Gordon has participated in Culture Days; here he is in front of the McKay Gallery in Unionville. 

Gordon is a Guest Artist at Colin Whitebread's studio, please visit his profile to see more of his work. 

Welcome to the Whitchurch-Stouffville Studio Tour Gordon, we're thrilled to have you! 


Thank You!

The Stouffville Studio Tour artists wish to thank everyone who came to the Tour this year.  By all accounts it was another fantastic weekend! We are grateful for your continued support.

Please watch out for our artists displaying their work at For the Love of Jo Coffee Shoppe in Downtown Stouffville; there is a new Studio Tour artist featured every month

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors; we hope you will support them throughout the year. 

Thank you to our local newspapers: The Stouffville Free Press, The Stouffville Review and The Stouffville Sun Tribune for once again providing great coverage of our event! 

And of course The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville,  our town, that has really helped us in so many ways to make our Studio Tour the best!

We are already looking forward to next year!

We had a lot of fun meeting you, our visitors and we hope you also enjoyed the experience. 

Thank you, Thank you,  Thank you