Applications for the 2019 tour are CLOSED

Applications for the 2020 tour will be available in February 2020; please follow our social media for updates.


Please carefully read the information below then click 'ApplY' at the bottom of the page. 


The Whitchurch-Stouffville Studio Tour is an art collective. We work together and ask for your commitment to help continue our success;  year-around participation is a must.

Please read the guidelines for Studio Tour selection and membership carefully.



  • Applications must be submitted by all new artists.

  • All applications will be reviewed by the Studio Tour’s jurying committee (see 'Acceptance' below).

  • Applicants should work or reside within the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville. The geographical boundaries of the Studio Tour are limited to those of Whitchurch-Stouffville Township.



  • Deadline for application submission is February 15th of each calendar year.

  • Participants must be 19 years of age or older.

  • Studios must be within the geographical boundary of Whitchurch-Stouffville Township.

  • The studio or exhibition space must be your own residence or working studio unless you apply as a guest artist (and have already arranged to exhibit with an existing Studio Tour artist). Please note, if applying as a resident artist and you rent your exhibition space, you must have your landlord’s permission to use it as business venue.

  • Acceptance is based on review by the jurying committee. Committee members will visit the applicants at their place of exhibition (i.e. your home/studio) to review BOTH your art work and your location.

  • Upon acceptance to the Studio Tour (not prior), a fee of $125.00** dollars will be payable to the Stouffville Studio Tour. This fee is non-refundable as money is allocated to advertising and promotional costs.

**at this time but subject to change


Please note that acceptance to Studio Tour membership is not guaranteed based on application alone. We take pride in the quality that we have established on the Studio Tour and make every effort to maintain it!

After the application has been submitted: 

  • If the applicant meets basic geographic requirements, a representative of the Studio Tour will contact the applicant and set up a time to be juried.

  • The jurying process takes place at the venue the artist intends to display their work.

  • The committee will review the artist’s work to ensure that it upholds the quality standards of the Studio Tour.

  • If the artist is not the guest of an existing Studio Tour member, the committee will also review the venue and may give suggestions on how the exhibition may be laid out in the event of acceptance.

The jurying committee is made up of any combination of two to three artists and/or one gallery curator who have been chosen by the Studio Tour Executive .  Please note, if a jury committee member is a close friend or relative of an applicant being reviewed, that person will step aside, and a substitute will be made.

The jury is looking for some or all of the following qualities in potential Studio Tour artists: 

  • An individual who is able to show a robust body of work that demonstrates artistic maturity and creative thought.

  • The ability to articulate the motivation, meaning,and significance of their work.

  • An individual who shows signs of continuing to explore art and improve their skill.

  • An artistic CV that includes memberships to artistic societies and/or acceptance in juried shows.

If not accepted, re-submission for following years is encouraged! If selected, but space is not available within the Studio Tour limitation of 24 venues, you may be placed on a waiting list.

  • Artists who have participated in the Studio Tour in previous years will be invited to join again, though there may be exceptions. Returning artists are given precedence over new artists coming into the Studio Tour.

  • Returning artists are not expected to go through the jury process again unless deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. Review of participation may be necessary due to studio site change or media change.

  • After one year with the tour, an artist is eligible to participate in executive and governing committee positions as long as they are still participating in the tour itself.


The artist must not, in any way, endanger the Studio Tour’s reputation and the goodwill it has achieved in the community, by any action or statement detrimental to the Studio Tour. If the artist fails to live up to these obligations, the executive committee has the right to refuse that artist’s participation with the Studio Tour and will not reimburse any artist fees submitted.

Exhibiting artists are required to exhibit 30% new original work each year. Only 25% of total work can be in the form of prints or reproductions.

Work can be based on photographic reference only if the photos have been taken by the artist, or they have express permission to use photos. This is necessary to avoid plagiarism and liability issues.

Guest Artists

Guest artists are defined as artists entitled to exhibit in the studios of other accepted resident artists. It is the responsibility of guest artists to secure a spot within the tour venues.

As noted above, guest artists must also go through the jurying process with the Studio Tour selection committee; the resident artist must be aware of the submission and the resident artist will be contacted for verification.

Guest artist application submission deadline is Febuary 15th . The fee for accepted guest artists is $125.00 and is non-refundable.


The Studio Tour holds four general membership meetings each year. Attendance at these meetings is mandatory. If, due to illness or prior commitment you are unable to attend, it is your responsibility to notify the Studio Tour membership ahead of time and ensure that you obtain any materials and information you may have missed due to your absence.


When an artist has been accepted, they will be asked to help with some of the setup and activities leading up to the tour. Some responsibilities include:

  • Fundraising (brochure ad sales and collection of artwork for advertising). Existing artists are required to secure one (1) ad sponsor by the sponsorship deadline in May as set out in the tour schedule. This ad must not be one advertising your own work for sale, we are looking for community business involvement, not sponsorship from our artists!

  • Studio Tour promotion through distribution of promotional materials and signage placement.

  • Participation in the annual Studio Tour Preview Show at For the Love of Jo during the months of September and October

  • Submissions to be used on Studio Tour social media.