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In a blog post from 2015, Studio Tour artist Carin Bacher explains a once-in-a-lifetime trip inspired by her art:

An integral part of my journey was a two day Zodiac trip to Gwaii Haanas, the southern portion of the archipelago. Now a national park, Gwaii Haanas is co-managed by the Haida Nation and Parks Canada. The photos which follow are but a small glimpse of a most incredible experience.”


ARt and the Influence of Sci Fi

Studio Tour artist Allison Bullock is a self-confessed die-hard Star Wars fan. Her own work, while largely influenced by the performing arts, has recently tended more obviously toward the surreal and fantastical.

In this blog post from 2016, Allison to explains this shift...


What is Sumi-E?

Studio tour artist Diana Bullock has practiced Sumi-e [Japanese ink painting] for over 20 years; it is an Eastern style of painting, founded in Japan and taught at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. 

Learn more about this beautiful style by clicking the link below…